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What's Going To Happen To Medicare?

With all of the talk currently about Health Insurance and the changes our elected officials tried to make, or did not try to make, what has currently been lost in the shuffle is Paul Ryan's personal vendetta on Medicare. President Trump had vowed to keep Medicare as it was and tried to make sure Social Security stays intact in its current form. However, the more time he spends in Washington, the more he is starting to look like a politician. That does not bode well for those that are on Medicare or will soon be on it.

Paul Ryan has been rattling the saber for a while now that something needs to be done about Medicare, because of the fact that it is going to run out of funds sooner than anticipated. Of course, he leaves out the part that if the people in Washington had left Medicare and Social Security alone in the first place there would still be plenty of money in the coffers, but I digress.

According to most reports, any changes to Medicare under Paul Ryan's plan would involve turning Medicare into a voucher based system that will require people to purchase private insurance. That sounds like a wonderful idea doesn't it? You know that you will get better coverage going through a private insurer, a little sarcasm here, because their main motivation is covering people not to make money. They try to explain that there will be a few years before it goes into place and those that are already on Medicare will not see any changes to their policies. What they leave out is that everyone is put into a pool, and the only people left in the pool will be getting older and unfortunately, as we get older we do get sicker. Therefore, the increases in premiums could go through the roof, making Medicare more expensive.

The good news is that the buffoons in Washington cannot seem to get their act together, so it may be a while until we see a change to Medicare. I say buffoons no matter if they are Democrats or Republicans, doesn't matter the affiliation, as they are all out of touch with reality, in my opinion.

Please fill out the request form if you have any questions about Medicare and I will be happy to answer them for you. There is no cost and no obligation. Talk to you soon.

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