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Losing A Member For A Good Cause

I have a soon to be former client that entrusted me to assist her with her Medicare needs. She is on limited income and we decided on the best plan for her. We both knew that it was going to stretch her budget but, with her health conditions, she needed something to provide her with health & prescription coverage.

That was back in April. I have been in contact with her and working through the various programs available to low income people. We have been turned down and blown off from various places, and I say we because I have helped her fill out the paperwork, until today. Today we got word that she qualifies for coverage through the state that will allow her to have her prescriptions and Medicare covered. When she called me today crying because of the savings, it made me feel overwhelmed with emotion.

She does not realize yet that she will no longer need my services, but it does not matter. She is now going to have coverage that will not force her to choose between getting her medicine or eating. That is what is important! Helping our members and making sure they are in the best possible situation, if it means they have to go somewhere else, so be it. I truly believe in the golden rule, treat others as you would want to be treated.

I wasn’t sure how to write this post or even if I should, but after talking with my wife, I decided to write about a client, or soon to be former client, but always a part of the group. I do not write this for adulation or likes. I am writing this blog to show what kind of principles I have and the values my company represents.

Do me a favor and today do something good for someone else expecting nothing in return. If we all did that every day, think how much better the world would be.

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