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Do You Have What You Need?

Do you have the coverage that is right for you?

Are you currently on a Plan F right now?

Do you know that Plan F and Plan C are going the way of the Dodo Bird in 2020?

What that means is anyone on Plan F or C can stay on it, but there will not be any new enrollments into those Plans after 12/31/2019. That could mean rate increases of close to 15% year after year on top of the age increase most companies charge after age 67.

Did your agent properly explain all of your options or did they just polish the shine of Plan F and let that be the end?

Did you know that the difference in coverage between a Plan F & a Plan G is the Part B deductible of $183.00, but when it comes to Premiums Plan G can be $40.00 less expensive than a Plan F, saving you $300 in the first year alone?

If you have any questions about your current coverage, or if you would like to do a no-cost analysis of your coverage, please call me or send me an email and let me help you.

There is no obligation and you will not get a sales pitch, just a conversation from someone that wants to make sure you have the best coverage for you!!

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