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Cheaper Does Not Mean Better

I speak to a lot of people that are only concerned with the cost of the policy today. The important thing to remember is we do not get insurance for when we are well, we get it for when we are sick. Just because a policy has the lowest rate today does not mean that a year from now when rates change that it will still be the best option from a price standpoint.

Please keep in mind your rates are going to change year after year. What has the company done in the past with regards to rate changes? Did they just drop their rate dramatically to entice new business? That could be a concern as some companies will charge less the first year but increase the amount above the norm going forward.

You can change Supplemental plans at any time, however, if you are outside of your initial six month window you will have to answer health questions, but it is best to treat it as if you will not be changing companies. Your agent should be contracted with a few companies in your area and be able to advise you of the past rate increases. This way, you are taking a comprehensive look at your policy and what you will be paying not only today, but in the future as well. Also, if you get sick and cannot change carriers, you will still be in a good position, financially, to afford the premium and get the care you deserve.

Please feel free to call me with any questions you have about Medicare. I would like to have a conversation about Medicare and give you the facts, not a pitch.


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