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Goodbye Plans F & C

Did you know that after Dec.31, 2019 if you are new to Medicare you will not be able to enroll into a Plan F or Plan C?

If you are already enrolled into a Plan C or Plan F, you will be able to keep your Plan, but because there are no new people going on to the books, you could be looking at a rate increase in the double digits.

A lot of people are going on the Plan G. The only difference between the G and F is the Part B deductible of $183.00. Once your deductible has been met then the Plans work the same. No co-pays! This could save you a couple hundred dollars in the first year, alone. When you look at it long term, you could save thousands of dollars by choosing a Plan G versus an F. Here is a secret; agents get paid more to put you on a Plan F than they do for a Plan G.

Are you curious about your coverage?

Would you like to have a conversation with someone about Medicare without feeling as if you're being sold something?

Give me a call and let's make sure you have the plan that is right for you.

All the best,


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