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Prescription Options Dwindling

It seems like every day a new insurance company is merging or trying to buy a pharmacy provider. You have the newest announcement that Cigna is going to purchase the largest independent Part D provider in Express Scripts. This comes on the heels of the proposed merger of Aetna and CVS. The question you should be asking is what does this do to you and your prescription coverage in the future?

Here is an article from the New York Times, outlining the proposed mergers:

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In my opinion, these mergers are not going to be a good thing. I feel that when you start to have your options shrink, then the price is going to increase. It is a simple fact that insurance companies are in it for the money. Your care is secondary. They are loyal to their shareholders and their CEO. This why it is so important to update your prescription coverage every year and make sure you have the best option for you. It is crucial that you have an agent that will make sure you are properly covered, while staying on top of the changes going on in the industry. Remember, you can change your Part D prescription plan every year between 10/15-12/07. This is also the date that you can explore options for Medicare Advantage plans for the following year.

If you have any questions, please give me a call and let me answer your Medicare questions and help you get the best plan for you.

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