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Light Pound Cake Recipe

Growing up in the south had its difficulties, but finding good food was definitely not one of them. As a farmer’s daughter, I was more inclined to go with fresh veggies and meat, but a tasty sweet was never anything to snub! One of my favorites was the family pound cake-every southern grandmother had her own version & it wasn’t polite, nor was it necessary, to critique any part of any one. They all had that “something sweet” which made it the most amazing way to end your Sunday dinner while sipping on a great cup of coffee.

Though my preference is the aforementioned sweeter version, my scales tell me the lighter version is the most reasonable choice for me. It’s not easy to find a healthier match, but I did. The brown sugar is substituted for regular, here, giving the flavor without the extra calories. Give it try and tell us what you think.

Hope you enjoy!

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