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Changes Coming Down the Pike


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There are some changes coming about in the next year with Medicare you need to be aware of. As of Dec. 31, 2019 there will be no new enrollees into Medicare Plans C or F. If you are already on a C or F then you are grandfathered in and you will be able to remain in your policy. The issue is going to be the potential for double digit rate hikes after 2019 because of the pool getting smaller. There will be no younger, and theoretically healthier, people going on these plans so the cost on the insurers is going to jump and they are in turn are going to pass it on to you.

The best option for most people, is the Plan G. The only difference between the Plan G and the Plan F is the Part B deductible. The Part B deductible this year is $183.00, you will be responsible for the first $183.00 in outpatient procedures. Once it has been met, then you will pay absolutely nothing else extra. You will just owe the monthly premium & that is it! By going with a Plan G you will save between $20.00 and $40.00 a month. That equates to hundreds of dollars of savings the first year alone just by paying the Part B deductible. After the change the amount of savings will only grow each year. It would definitely be something to look into and consider.

If you are interested in making the change, now is the time to do it. If you wait until next year, you are going to pay more than you should now, but you may not be able to make the change at all, thus locking you in the higher cost policy. See if you can save some money and make sure you have the right plan for you. Give me a call or send me an email and let’s have an unbiased non sales conversation about your coverage. I am licensed in 15 states and set up with 22 different carriers so I am confident I can find the right plan for you.

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