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Is Medicare for All REALLY for All?

Good afternoon all!

I hope all is right in your world and well rested after a long 4th of July weekend.

There is a lot of talk today about Medicare for All. I know that have touched on this subject before but the noise is getting louder. You have some people that want to give everyone free Medicare with no copays or deductibles. They will raise taxes by $10,000 per person to cover this pipe dream. The issue with that is a majority of people do not spend $10,000 in a given year on medical costs. I know there are plenty of people out there that do spend that amount, but it is not the norm.

Most people get their coverage from an employer. Under the Medicare for All plan, you will lose your coverage and have to use Medicare. So, under this option, they are going to raise your taxes and change your coverage to a government-run program. The government has a long history of taking something and absolutely ruining it. The ACA or Obama care plans have been an abject disaster on all fronts. Premiums have increased and fewer and fewer doctors accept these policies. Obama care was put in place to serve as a bridge to get us to Medicare for All.

Medicare is a good option and provides great coverage for seniors and the disabled, but if it is unveiled on the public then it is going to become another government program that has been ruined by today's greed and stupidity of our politicians. This is directed at Democrats and Republicans, TERM LIMITS PEOPLE!

You remember the talk of death panels and long waits and healthcare that becomes worse over time? In my opinion, it will come to fruition if Medicare for All is implemented. There is no way, given the costs involved, that the federal government can provide coverage for the masses and not cut corners.

This is just my two cents.

Try to do something nice for someone today, just because.

All the best,

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