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Lost Coverage Through Your Employer?

I hope everyone is safe and sane in these crazy times.

I want to touch on something that may be affecting people that are Medicare eligible, but opted to continue working and enrolled in ONLY Part A.

I hope you do not need to do this, but if you were laid off, you may be losing coverage through your employer. This could also be affecting your spouse, as well. I am going to show you the steps to enroll in Part B and get coverage through a Supplemental policy or an Advantage plan.

There will be two forms you need to submit in order to have Part B started. The first form is the Part B enrollment form. The second form will be the Request for Employment Information. The Request for Employment Info will need to be filled out by your former Employer. You will need both forms in order to enroll in Part B.

Part B enrollment form:

Request for Employment Info:

When you have both forms filled out, you can mail them to your local Social Security Office. The bad news is that they are closed to the public currently, so you will have to mail the letter to the office, or fax it. Most of the people are working from home, so it may take longer to get updated. Please keep in mind that in most cases, you have around 60 days to get this process started.

From there, you will need to decide what kind of plan you want. Whichever way you decide to go, you will get a letter in the mail asking for Certification of Credible coverage. This will come from the insurance company that has your prescription coverage. If you opt for the stand-alone Part D drug plan, it will come from them. If you opt for a Medicare Advantage plan with a Prescription Plan, then it will come from them.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email, and as always, do something nice for someone just because; we need it now more than ever.

All the Best,

Randall J. Lawson

Owner/Medicare Specialist

The HgO Group

803-851.0219 office

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